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Portfolio Description


Business Expansion from India to Global Countries

A Mindfulness motivational group – Mind Transformer was a small entity in India headed by the lead Speaker & motivational trainer Mr. Pankaj Kumar. Oceans Fay helped in strategizing their Business marketing keeping the global expansion in vision.




Website: https://www.mindtransformer.org/


  • Conversion from an individual entity to a brand where other motivational speakers can get a chance
  • Stand out as a Global Influencer Brand in Indian, Australian & UAE Markets
  • An increase in site traffic from search engines and QnA Forums
  • Long term Vision of Business Expansion in other fields of Mindfulness

The first milestone was the construction of the official website and Search engine optimization that increased website traffic & rankings on the Search engines. As a result, we started receiving higher number of queries on motivational session booking from India as well as countries like Australia, UAE, Tanzania, Nigeria, etc.

  • Website Traffic increased by 300% per month
  • Motivational Conferences held in Global countries per month: 50+
  • QnA Forums resulted in an increase of 56K+ followers per month
  • Search rank in Top-10 relevant keywords in Australia increased by 91%
Conversion from Offline seminars in India to Online Webinars globally including Australia, Dubai, Nigeria, and many more countries.
Influencer Marketing & Conferencing in global countries in collaboration with BRBAIT, Australian NGO MINDFULLYMAD, ‘FOY’, and IASSCOM, etc.
Introduction to Personal Consultation Sessions on subjects like Psychology, Career, Relationship, Corporate, etc. along with Payment Gateway integration